Passive House facing down Storm Emma


Passive House facing down Storm Emma

Whilst the majority of homes in the UK were hit by severe snow storms and sub zero temperatures the beauty of Passive House technology came in to its own. External temperatures saw a drastic drop in temperature of up to 10 degrees. Home owners battled with heating issues, cold drafts and uncomfortably cold houses compared to the clever Passive House design allowing internal temperatures of a consistently warm 19/20 degrees.

Passive House is primarily a comfort standard based on research around what the human body perceives as uncomfortable, hence why they maintain such cosy temperatures.

Very little heating is required to maintain these temperatures which in turn avoids the cost of hiking up the thermostat to keep warm. Passive House dwellings are not only energy efficient with a low impact on the environment but they also help with keeping bills low.


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Photo credit: David Broadbent Photography