Why do we use the products we use?

Isoquick® thermal insulation foundation – a certified Passive House component and all round fantastic raft system that allows for quick installation and optimum performance. When used on our projects the system is installed within a matter of hours, massively reducing labour time/costs and waste from traditional shuttering methods.

Around 15% of heat is lost through the floor of buildings, the Isoquick® system ensures optimum efficiency and eliminates energy loss, saving you money on your bills throughout the year. The special shape of the edge pieces enables both a thermal bridge-free transition to the adjoining walls as well as effective damp proof sealing.

Highly thermal and robust. This system is particularly beneficial where ground conditions do not allow for traditional footings or for projects aiming for low energy and sustainable status.

“ISOQUICK® insulating foundations enable you to build in an ecologically sensible, future-oriented and cost-conscious manner”

Key benefits:
– quick and easy to install
– cost effective
– reduces heat loss through the dwelling floor
– reduces thermal bridges from floor to wall
– zero waste shuttering system
– sustainable
– low energy

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