Building for the future


Building for the future

There are numerous benefits to building a Passive House but one that runs through the core is sustainability. The principles of Passive design are based on minimal environmental impact by maximising the use of ‘natural’ sources of daylight, heating (solar gain), cooling from natural ventilation (yes you can open windows in a Passive House) and the natural temperature of the ground that the house is built upon.

The business-as-usual approach relies on energy intensive systems to create comfortable conditions, such as boilers and chillers, intensive electric lighting, etc. All of these expensive systems need to be replaced after around 10 years, with ongoing cost implications.

If it is within your means to build a house then you can definitely build a low energy, low impact dwelling for generation after generation, you just need the right team supporting you.

A Passivhaus is an investment for you, your children, their children and so on……


To find out more about the benefits of building a passive house please feel free to call our certified Consultant Scott Adams on 07753407199